Andreia Nobre

Aug 29, 2018

1 min read

It’s getting even worse. Women are reporting that another trans identified male got naked in a female locker room, claiming he did that because women do that all the time. But a woman who was there said that several other women and her went to a corner while this person was walking around naked. Then, we have Jess, who has been masturbating in public and bragging about it. And Aimee and David from the Green Party. Women who report them are now been accused of slut-shaming. Thing is, women do not go around masturbating in public. I don’t know how it is in UK, but in Brazil, where I’m from, 40% of women do not masturbate at all for pure shame — let alone in public. How come Aliza, a tennis player, gets a code violation for changing a top between sets (a clear slut-shaming, and she didn’t show her body at all, she had a tight black top underneath her striped pink top) and they get to be celebrated? Really, really unfair and dishonest.

Jornalista, blogueira, poetisa, feminista, amante de antropologia e professora primaria que pratica desescolarizacao

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